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Shaun Stewart raising funds doing London-Paris Bike Challenge

Come and buy our African luxury accessories, 100% of the profit goes back to Give A Future.

Annoushka Ducas supports Give A Future, watch the video

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Scholarship Fund

250 students from primary school to university, 50 university students

Our scholarship programme ensures that education is not simply a privilege of the wealthy but a right for all children. It mainly ensures that particularly bright children continue on to university.

  • Muna – after 8 years in our programme has just become a doctor having graduated from a private Addis University this autumn. For an investment of £8,000, Muna will not only provide for herself, she will go on to save lives worth many times our investment. She wants to specialise in Obstetrics/Gyn to help women during the vulnerable time of pregnancy and childbirth, exactly what a country like Ethiopia needs.