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Shaun Stewart raising funds doing London-Paris Bike Challenge

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About Give a Future

Details of our projects:

What we do

We invest in children, youth and women to get them employed or set up a business. This has a very powerful multiplying effect, which not only changes their lives, but typically the lives of 5 more family members.

How we do it

Our aim is to make the 10,000 people that we support more employable, by supporting their education to a level that allows them to earn a decent wage, and have a secure future.

Why it works

  • Local – ideas, programs and changes come from the community, our beneficiaries and our local team; they are not conceived in London.
  • Lean – our programs run without excess; for us every penny counts and can be used to change a life. We are not interested in superfluous administrative costs.
  • Leap – we are not afraid to try an idea, take risks and learn lessons.
  • Lend – we have built a successful community development model and have valuable knowledge to share with others.
  • Large – we can grow this. Our model works and we can make it bigger, we can get more people into jobs, more loans to women and more children into school.
  • Learn – carefully monitoring our programs and evaluating the impact means that we are constantly learning, adapting, changing and improving our programs to keep

Why Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is still the 10th poorest country in the world and starts out from a very low base, however the economy is growing steadily every year

  • In 2012, Ethiopia was the 12th fastest growing economy in the world.
  • Ethiopia provides stability in a fragile part of East Africa; it has a major role in the global fight against terrorism and huge geopolitical signicance in the region.
  • Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa after Nigeria.
  • Ethiopia has a majority Christian and minority Muslim population that have.
  • peacefully coexisted for centuries.
  • Ethiopia could either help or hinder the spread of radical Islam across the belt of Africa.
  • Ethiopia is sub-Saharan Africa’s fth biggest economy. It is at the focal point of emerging economies’ interest with various delegations of foreign investors seeking investment opportunities in the largest landlocked country in the continent.


Matteo, Stephanie and Ludovico Ferrario in Addis Ababa
Stephanie Ferrario and Abaynesh
Stephanie Ferrario, Stefania Calice and Binyam Kifle
STephanie Ferrario, Stefania Calice and Jenna Hoyt
Matteo Ferrario at Home
Stefania Calice
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Photo 07-03-2016 09 08 41
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