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Shaun Stewart raising funds doing London-Paris Bike Challenge

Come and buy our African luxury accessories, 100% of the profit goes back to Give A Future.

Annoushka Ducas supports Give A Future, watch the video

Give A Future

Delivering quality education to children, youth and women

Give a Future is about hard work and opportunity, not charity.

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Giving a quality education, we create economic development, which is the only way to create a future, to eradicate poverty and promote peace.

Give a Future creates employment through education, training and micro-loans and those benefits extend to 10,000 people with great results.

We have learned that there is not one magic bullet. Our community programmes are the backbone of our poverty reduction strategy, by strengthening the economic output of women, educating children and improving job opportunities for the youth. Our multi-pronged approach to poverty alleviation is based on the recognition that there is not one root cause of poverty nor is there one solution.

“People want dignity of work, not hand-outs and that brings broader change.”